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Mythical creatures attended Harriet Arden Byrd in her youth, fostering an active imagination which refuses to be suppressed by adulthood. Free from concerns about fashion, Harriet shows respect for cultural and literary tradition and for the lessons about tolerance which history provides us all.

As an author of magical journeys that adults can enjoy, in often humorous and sometimes visionary escape from reality, Harriet feeds the spirit and offers relatable magic.

For the first thirty-odd years of her life, Harriet experienced existential depression in the form of a deep frustration about the great mysteries: the purpose of existence, the nature of reality. Then she had children, a move which both amplified her sense of humor and taught her patience. She learned again to explore the world with wonder in her eyes. For better or worse, as time went by she claimed her place as a formidable female with strong opinions.

Optimism grew, too, and brought visions of an approaching era when we humans will organize ourselves well in a peaceful, sustainable manner. Meanwhile, the spinning—sometimes relentlessly grinding—gears inside Harriet’s head produce thoughts which are channeled as self-expression through writing and the occasional piece of artwork.

These writings are rooted in experience and adventure. Harriet’s lived in or visited nearly every bit of North America, and she’s traveled with a partner through Mexico and Guatemala, hitchhiking and riding in buses and cattle trucks. Harriet also made her way alone through northern Europe, sleeping under bushes. She’s lived within indigenous communities for most of her life and has years of serious study of traditional spirituality. She’s experienced things that would scare the pants off many people, but she herself is far more frightened of day-to-day reality than of anything in the spirit world.

Harriet grew up on literary classics and the fantasy of great authors such as Tolkien, Lewis, Susan Cooper, Mary Stewart, and T. H. White. Always a pacifist, Harriet was captivated by the traditional stories, but wanted engaging epic fantasy based on something other than a militaristic society. Mother Nature and human nature provide plenty of conflict for storylines. If we entertain ourselves with battles and glorify war, how will our world ever find peace?

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