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Aru's Realm Pronunciation Guide

Chapter One

Aru AH-roo
Auwu ow-WOO
Vorffe Vorff
Visyrn VIZ-eern
Hauva HOW-fa
Molli MOL-ee
Praahk PRAH-awk
Place names
Ysgarlad USS-gar-LAD

Chapter Two

Lady Akawu AK-a-woo
Lwynn LOO-un
Mrs Bukbagok buk-bagOCK
Phfft-Psyfft PIFT-pissft
Nrouhw ner-OW
Vuoibmi Voo-OIB-mee
Kguggle kuh-GUG-ul
Olooka oh-LOOK-uh
Place names (Houses of)
Vulpeden VUL-pey-den
Rhedyn RED-en

Show chapter 2 spoilers

Chapter 2 spoiler

Most character names are onomatopoeia of animal calls.


  • Aru.
  • Mrs Bukbagok is a red hen.
  • Nrouhw.

Chapter Three

Aldrei ald-RAY
Aeon EE-on
Place names
Loess LOW-ess
Anseo awn-SUH
Oubli OO- blee
Sylfaen sill-FINE or in the old dialect: sull VINE

Chapter Four

Arven Lekkchaos Chymynroddion Blackbuck AR-ven lek-KAY-oss xuh-meen-ROD-eeon
Kok cock
Aranieda air-ah-nee-A-duh
Grmhrel grrm-HREL
Muhg-Wuffle MUG-wuffel
Place names
Aeryhurst AIR-ee-hurst
Bowne Forest bown (rhymes with town)

Chapter Five

Thxsiss THX-siss
Mhehh MEH-heh-heh
Vridget vrid-JIT
Conuri KON-yoor-ee
Pythmuss PITH-muss
Avariceo AV-ar-ISS-see-oh
Place names
Terasau terr-AHS-eye

Chapter Six

Spoiler: type of animal vocalization

Type of animal vocalization: mountain goat  

Mr. Vwehe VWEH-heh
Mr. Mahahb Mahahbeh MAH-abb MAH-abb-beh
Meheheh Mehah ME-he-he me-HA
Mynydd MUN-nidd in the old dialect: MUH-neeth
Defnyn daf-NEEN in the old dialect: dav-NEEN
Ankh Ip onk ipp
Mhehh see spoiler above
Mahabajnish Reetyirrtana mah-hah-baj-NEESH reet-yir-TAN-ah
Emheheh (Stellar) and Mmhehh (Splendor) see spoiler above
Girun GEAR-roon
Mehb see spoiler above
Mbeheh and Memaah see spoiler above
Place names (see spoiler above)
Bwahmaa, Mahahag, and Bwahmyr: peaks
Bwe Mahaaha
Mama Bwehmeb’s Confectionery
Lake Mwahma

Chapter Seven

Squee-ee Ahk Uh k’kkkk Spoiler: type of animal vocalization
type of animal vocalization: dolphin 
Belche belch

Chapter Eight

Mr. Variegat VAIR-ee-uh-gat
Wuurue woo-ROO
Place names
Amryliw AM-ruh-leew
Liwien Leew-ee-en
Erinaceu City Air-in-sow
Erinaceus College air-in-A-shus
Lliw Anhygoel University thleew an-huh-goyl

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